Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Fun

So I've never been one much for crafty stuff. Artsy yes...but crafts and cutsie things I've just never had time for. So it is new. However I have had a lot of fun this Halloween getting ready and decorating on a budget of course.

Project number 1:

Spicing up my W Wreath.

Mesh fabric
Construction paper

step 1: cut the fabric in half hotdog style. Then cut 3 inch strips all thew ay down. Wrap around the W, tying the knot on the outside border of the W. I did just black and then went back and tied smaller peices of orange onto the Black so I didn't use so much fabric.

Step 2: Cut out paper letters saying whatever: EEk, Boo, Wicked. I sewed them on. Just loop it through the top of the letter and the fabric and tye a knot.

Step 3: use the construction paper to make a witches hat, and shoes and legs. I drew the legs and then added the stripes.
 I simplified this tutorial for the shoes:
and used this one for the witches hat:

and then added a ribbon to it. Just taping it and twisting it.

For the witches legs. I drew legs on a paper one black and one green. Cut it out. Black was my base color. then I cut the stripes out of the green legs using every other cut. sewed them all on and wala!

Project number 2: The Bat Tree

This one is super easy. find and tree branch. I was going to head up the canyon with my hubby but found one they had trimmed on my way to the mail box.

Cut out bats from black construction paper. Tape to string and hang from tree or ceiling.

I used this template for the bats. It also has ghosts if you want to add them as well

(this is also a really good site for a lot of fun party ideas.)

Project Number 3: 
The Pom Pom Balls

For this one I got tissue paper to make the balls with

The picture about sums it up. Get tissue paper. 8 sheets of 20x30. of course for halloween I got orange and black with a little white.

1. stack the tissue paper and fold like a fan

2. cut the ends to a rounded corner

3. get wire. I used the twisty tyes that come with bags. Tye around the center.

3. Pull paper out one by one from center. and there you go. I attached a string and hung it from the wall

for more of a halloween touch I went back to the dandy construction paper and cut out some words to go along with it. :)

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