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Holding Scripture Study with your Toddler

LDS Toddler Scripture Study

We should teach our children starting at a young age. In the family is the ideal place to teach our children. I believe we should make a great effort to help our children learn and grow in the gospel. However it is pretty interesting as a new parent trying to get creative and think of ways to include and help educate your toddler during scripture study. How do we keep their attention and teach them the gospel...specifically the scripture stories. Here are a couple of ideas:

Use your resources:

  • LDS Free Clipart: This has a lot of scripture pictures and coloring pages.
  • Living Scriptures free downloads: Wow, when I discovered this I was so excited. Living Scripture offers free downloads that you can print from home and use as coloring books. Choose the scripture story that you want to teach and let your child go through their animated pictures. 
  • The Friend: The friend scripture site has cute animated videos of scripture stories. Also so great. They also have audio stories of Jesus Christ.
  • The Mormon Channel Audio Scripture Stories: This is a weekly broadcast that features songs, children testifying, and audio scripture stories.
Who doesn't learn best by re-enacting a scripture story or re-creating the wise man and the foolish man in actual sand. Coming up with activities to teach the scriptures definitely takes more work but I love using it for an occasional scripture study when I'm feeling ambitious. The friend has a lot of activity ideas. Here is one resource from the friend. You can also go here and type "for little friends (and then your topic)" This helps to quickly and easily find activities to fit your topic of study that night.

Read The Scriptures To your Child
Although all these resources are fabulous, I think it is important for my toddler to hear the actual stories from the scriptures. Some ideas for this are to get a large copy of the scriptures and highlight the main stories. Then instead of reading straight through read the stories and talk about them or act them out. You can also use the gospel art kit as a supplement while reading to be able to show your child pictures. Online gospel art kit. Another idea with this is to use "The Book of Mormon for Latter Day Saint Families". It breaks it up for you with pictures and everything. They also have ones for The New Testament and The Old Testament.

I don't know about your toddler but mine loves repeating words I say. Start by reading 3-5 verses. Pick a verse and have them repeat the words. 

Include Related Primary Songs
Singing is a great way to get the attention of a little toddler and get them interested in what the scriptures say. You could try to match up songs with the scriptures you are reading or go through the primary songbook and read the accompanying scriptures at the bottom.

The Book of Mormon Stories Reader
This is a great resource because the pictures are in order and go along with the scriptures. Again I think it is important that children get to hear the actual words of the scriptures. This would work well with them following along with the pictures while someone reads the story from the scriptures.

Get them a set of their own scriptures
This is great. Our little toddler just wants what we have. He wants to flip through our scriptures...(not a good idea by the way). So we wanted to create some ownership. We got him a Book of Mormon that was more sturdy and cheaper. (the giveaway ones) When we pull out our scriptures he also has a similar book that he can "read". When they have their own scriptures they can be included in things like highlighting verses as well. For one scripture study you could just memorize a scripture mastery and help them highlight it in their book.

Other Great Resources
  • Head Start with the Book of Mormon: This is a great resource if you want to kill two birds with one stone. It helps you teach your child to read using the book of mormon.
  • Book of Mormon Discovery:  This is an LDS workbook. Although not specifically designed for toddlers it can be used as a supplement to teach children the gospel.
  • Picture Pages: Over 14 years this mom wrote over 2,000 narrations for her kids to color. You can print these pages out and let them color them.

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Scripture Study with your Toddler

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  1. I love this. You have so many good ideas! We also got a book at the distribution center for less than five dollars that has pictures and summaries of the stories, since we started using it our toddler understands the scriptures a lot better.


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