Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Little Update:

1st Camping trip

All bundled up.

Baby was watching the game with dad.

Trying to crawl.
I thought it was time for a little update. I was thinking about how I use this blog as my own personal scrapbook. I post recipes that I want to keep, patterns I don't want to forget and then of course there is the occasional rant or opinion of the happenings of this world. Today I figured it was time to update ya'all on the going's on around here.

First of all ever since I quit work it has been a hopping place. I remember saying "When I have the baby, I'll be able to get this or that done". :) Well I'm busier than I thought. That's for sure. But I'm busy with good things. First of all just keeping up with baby and learning how to care for him properly takes a bit but I'm also learning how to cook healthy food. I don't know how it happened because all my life I have been basically addicted to sugar and craving it all the time. I came across a blog: and loved what I saw. The site shows how to cook different types of food that are healthy but good. The girl seems to eat a pretty balanced diet but takes out all the junk food. I loved it. I went to work that first week buying and cutting up my veggies for the week so they wood be easy to snack on. I continued trying her recipes until I've completely changed my eating habits. I love it! I'm eating tons of fruits and veggies and healthy grains while cutting out processed sugars and preservatives. And the best part is that her recipes are delicious! Not only that but while I was wasting away some time on pinterest, for the first time in my life I looked at something that would usually of made my mouth water but was disgusted with all the sugar that was in it. I really didn't want it. It was so cool.
So I've been canning, cooking, cleaning, and having tons of fun with Baby K.

He is getting bigger every day. The little guy started out at 5lbs 6 oz and he's up to 14 lbs now. He has basically caught up to others his age.  I love watching him as he learns. He loves to stand up. Whenever he gets fussy and I can't figure out what it is I know that letting him stand will cheer him up.  From the way he's acting he might walk before he crawls, seeing how much he isn't particularly fond of tummy time. :) lol. He likes to play with his hanging toys. He will sit there and swing at them to get them to move. It is really cute.

My Hubby is working super hard this year. He has seminary in the mornings for two hours and either work or school the rest the day and squeezing in some time to prep for the next days lesson. Therapy is going really well for him. It is so cool that he can help people sort out their families and marriages. Seminary is getting easier too. He is having fun coming up with new ideas every day to keep their attention and bring in the spirit. :)

In short Life is Great!

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  1. Thanks for the update, Kenter looks huge compared to the his bith photos. Love those filled out cheeks. Another cookbook that I like that cooks with alot of natural stuff and low sugar recipes is called "cook yourself thin." Tell Kwin and Kenter hello from us. Have a great day!


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