Meet the Willis's

I started this blog as a family blog to keep people updated on our life...then it changed to a printables blog..then changed again to my life and printables, finally I figured out what I wanted it to be. I am a homemaker and so of course I find myself doing a little bit of everything...So this blog is just that. It's about our adventures as a family and my adventures in learning how to be a homemaker.

One of my greatest sources of strength is my wonderful husband. He is a marriage and family therapist, so you'll often find us talking about relationships and parenting and process of conversation. Ask either one of us and we'll tell you I'm more of a people watcher.

I am an overly proud mama of a cute little toddler. Being a mom is beautiful. Between the dirty diapers, sleepless nights, and dirty floors I can't help but notice the little baby hugs, Little K giving me Raspberries, crying when daddy leaves, or smiling when he learns something new.

As a family we like camping and cookouts. We love running, biking, and swimming. But mostly we just love being together and hanging out as a family. I was once told that you'll either marry or give birth to your biggest trial in life...I'd like to believe they would also be my greatest source of happiness. I know that following the savoir can help me build a happy family.

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