Tuesday, October 20, 2015

2016 Primary Theme Pack

2016 Primary Binder Theme

It's that time of year when we are all preparing for the new year. I am super excited about the primary's new theme

I know the Scriptures are true.

This year we are bringing back the free editable theme pack again.
To edit you will need adobe reader. Just open the file up in adobe reader and click where you would like to edit and type over what I have if you need. 

This Free Editable 2016 Primary Theme Pack includes

1 Yearly Theme Poster 8x10 and 11x14
2016 Primary Theme Posters
12 Monthly Theme Posters 8x10 and 11x14

2016 primary binder covers
Editable class and presidency binder cover with Presidency contact info
2016 editable primary binder covers
Editable back binder cover with Sunday and lesson schedule


1 inch and 1.5 inch Editable Spine inserts

2016 primary door signs
Editable Door signs or leave the names blank to put in sheet protector with dry erase markers
2016 primary assignment bands
Matching assignment cards/ wristbands
Download Links:
UPDATE: I have had people tell me they are having trouble seeing the themes on the first page of the binder covers. I have gone back and bolded those to make it easier to see. To download the new (and improved copy click here:
(Old Binder Covers) Binder Covers and Spine Inserts
(new and improved) Binder Covers and Spine Inserts


How do I Edit The Text?

Not all of the text in these designs is editable. Open the document in adobe reader. If you see a blue box over the text you should be able to edit it. The document must be downloaded onto your computer and you need to use adobe reader to be able to edit it. It will not work if you open the file in the web browser. 

Can I alter your designs?

If you would like an alteration to the design such as you may contact me through my etsy shop.

Can you add something else to the bundle?

If you would like any other matching primary printables please contact me through my etsy shop and I would be happy to make something to go along with this for a small fee.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your free primary binder covers.

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2016 Primary Theme bundle

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

DIY Number Pinata

DIY Number Pinata
 We did a bug birthday for my sons 3rd birthday and decided to do a number pinata to go with it. After posting this I printed out some bugs and scattered them around. but you could decorate them with anything or leave it plain jane. It takes a little work to make a DIY number pinata but is faster than one might think and pretty inexpensive.

Step 1: Gather Supplies: 

You will need 2 sheets of poster board (depending on the size of your project), tape, glue, newspaper, flour and water, tissue paper or crepe paper. (I used streamers)

Step 2: Draw it out.

Draw the shape of your number or letter or find a font that you love print it out and trace it onto a posterboard. cut out the two shapes of the number and the sides, I did 3 inch strips.

Step 3: Tape it all together. 

Start by taping the sides to the back then attach the string. Then tape the front on.

Step 4: Time to Paper mache your DIY number pinata. 

Mix equal parts flour and water. 1 cup water, 1 cup flour. Rip up newspaper into small strips. dip into flour mixture and place on number. Continue until covered. Let dry. (about a day) repeat 2-3 times.  When finished you can sand out your number if painting or continue to step 5.

Step 5: Decorate.

either paint your number (the quick way) or add the frills. Cut the tissue or crepe paper into thin strips. I folded mine and then cut long ways a couple creating a fringe. Using elmers glue I drew scallops onto the number and then placed the fringe on the scallops. You can do any pattern. (This is the part that takes the longest so put on a show or something and get gluing.

Step 6: FILL it.

Fill with candy...or bugs...or just display your awesome DIY Number pinata.

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DIY Letter or Number

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

BYU Blue Printable Party Package

Guess What! We're headed to BYU this fall. Crazy to be going back to school after two years off but we are excited. We'll be back in utah and near our families. Yay.

so in celebration of this of course I put together a BYU blue themed party package.

If you want this pack visit my store by clicking here.
Get 20% off this package by using coupon code: "Cougars20"

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March madness decorations 2015

This year for March madness we did a large size bracket. to keep track of the wins. 
We used 4 poster boards and drew the bracket on. printed off some march madness logos, got streamers and balloons. :)

The fun part was the march madness team logos. we printed each logo off for this years team. for pdf file of all 2015 march madness team logos go here. You should be able to print in different sizes by choosing "multiple" in the print menu. and then in custom choose how many per page.  We did 7 high, 3 wide per page. we laminated them and taped them to their spot. we also used this for our two year old. We show him the two teams and he picks the one he likes more and we record his picks. :)

We also have some sweet invites here. They are editable in adobe reader. Click here to purchase.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Great to be 8 Printables, DIY

 We have just added a great to be 8 package. It includes cupcake toppers, diy editable banner, scripture bookmark. (editable scripture), editable great to be 8 sign and invitation. It's fun and colorful and is ctr themed.

Buy this package here
Great to be 8 printable invitation

lds baptism preview printable sign

Great to be 8 printable decoration cupcake toppers

CTR printable banner

Monday, November 24, 2014

2015 Primary Theme Door Signs

These are editable signs. You will open in adobe reader and just click on type over the text that is in there. You should be able to edit class name, teacher name, and students names.

You will need to have adobe reader. If you do not you can download it for free here.

For Door signs download here.
2015 Editable Door Signs
Door Signs without child names

Matching 2015 Set:
Editable Primary Binder Covers 2015
Primary Scripture Posters 2015


Update: Please let me know if you see any mistakes I made so that I can fix them. If you would like a custom binder cover, scripture poster, or theme poster please visit my etsy shop and purchase the customization here. In the notes to buyer please list any changes you would like made. This customization would include any color, language, letters. Please convo me if you have other changes you would like.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

2015 Young Women Binder Covers

These young women binder covers are editable. just open it up on adobe reader switch the ward info and presidency info and print.

download here

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