Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Love of my Life

On May 6th my boyfriend proposed to me. You could say this is quite exciting. We had been dating since the beginning of February. I met him in January when I moving home from BYU-Idaho. He just happened to live across the hall from me. After meeting him, there didn't seem to be a day that I didn't see him. (of course he was my neighbor) but he kept coming over to visit. I loved it. If he didn't come over he would throw a raquetball against our door...and of course I would go see who it was... or at night him and his roommate would knock loudly on the wall. You would be amazed at the conversations you can have through a wall. I even got him to go country dancing. amazing since he had never gone before. I was anxiously waiting for him to ask me out and after about three weeks he did. Shortly after that we started dating. We would play basketball together or go running or just chill at the apartment. We started cooking some meals together. He even came to Gaucho Grill to see me while I was working.  We would also go swimming or play games.  Later he invited me to go to conference with him. I was going down for my mission reunion. So we went and I got to meet a lot of his family. I even got to go shopping with some of his sisters and his mom. I had a lot of fun. I was beginning to wonder when he was going to propose... we were even tricked into going ring shopping with Nate and Lori. Which was good. I decided then that I didn't want to choose my ring. Anyway... that next weekend my roommate Jessica asked if I wanted her to take pictures with her. She had found a new spot and wanted to practice.  After we were headed up to the spot she had chosen... I noticed that it looked quite familiar. My boy and I had gone running here before. As we neared the trail head i noticed a balloon at the entrance. There was also a biker and I remember thinking. " Is there a bike race going on?" As I neared the balloon i saw that it had a note that had my name on it. With my favorite candy bar. So CUTE!!! I saw up ahead another balloon. As I neared it there was another favorite candy bar. As I continued each stop had a balloon with a note and something. the next one was a little book on eternal marriage...the next was a coupon for a date to pizza pie cafe that night with "My Boy". The next one was a rubix cube. On each square he had placed a letter. I solved the rubix cube and it spelt out various things: megan's pretty, she loves her boy, taco bell okay. I kept going up the trail. With each station  I got such sweat and creative notes with something.  I got a new journal to write about me and my boyfriend. then lastly there was a rose and a collage of us....and more balloons. He came walking out of the trees with a laptop. He set it down and put some music on with it. then he got down on one knee and explaining that he doesn't kneel in front of many people... he asked if I would be his forever. I can't even explain what I was feeling then...but i knew that I wanted to be his forever. Of course the answer was yes. He gave me a beautiful diamond ring...then waited. He skipped to the next song on the computer. are you gonna kiss me or not. We danced. Then he dipped me and kissed me. :) That song was followed by another off of tanged I see the light, Then from enchanted so close,  then lastly  I will be calling you by blue october. It was so great. I have never been so happy in my life.
I am so excited to be married to him. He is a wonderful man and I know we are going to make each other very happy.

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