Saturday, October 1, 2011

Following the Crowd...or not.

I have decided there are millions of things everyday that we just simply don't consider. We simply go about our life living how we live because that is the way we've always done it, or because it is normal, or socially acceptable, or perhaps it is because we are following the traditions of our fathers and anything out of the ordinary or different scares us like crazy. It's true. I'm terrified of doing things blindly...going out on a limb without seeing someone else go first. I love learning from others but when it comes to being creative and ingenuitive it is difficult especially if the terrain is unfamiliar. However I have also come to realize that those things that I have done that are different or scary are usually the most rewarding.
That is why when I first saw a documentary about using a midwife instead of going to a regular hospital I started considering the idea. The documentary is called "Pregnant in America".  Although it sounds super scary because I've always imagined that the hospital is the way to go because that is what my parents did and what is on all the tv shows. However the more I have researched it the more I realize that there are people around me that have children naturally in their homes, there are people that home school, and there are people that don't vote republican or democrat because that is their party but research the best candidate and vote for who they think will do the best job despite whether that person will win or not.
I guess what I'm saying is just because everyone else may think I'm being stupid. I really don't care. I want to live my life knowing that I researched my choices and made the right ones. That I didn't just follow the crowd to be accepted but that I knew what I was doing and made the best choice I could. Because then and only then  in the end I can say that I did my best and not just followed what everyone else said.

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  1. I love to hear about what and why people do certain things. It makes me think about why I do things the way I do them. Is it just because that is what my parents did? Have I really done the research. For example. Kyle's mom told me to put a plate on top of bread dough to let it rise. I asked why? She said because that is what here mom did. I have never found why you would do that. It is interesting to think about why we make certain choices. I know whether you put a plate on top of dough or not doesn't make a difference, but in the important decisions it can really make a difference if you follow the crowd or not.


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