Monday, June 16, 2014

June 2014 Sharing Time Week 4

Week 4: Family history work connects me to my ancestors.

Encourage understanding (singing a song and listening to a story)

Tell the following story. Whenever you say "sing" or "singing", ask everyone to sing "Family History-I Am Doing It."(Cs, 94). Begin by singing just the first sentence, and add an additional sentence each time. 
One family loves music and singing. From their family history they learned that their ancestors, Mary Jones and her parents, also loved music and singing. The jones family also loved the Church. They were baptized in the counrty of wales and decided to move to Utah. Both Mary's parents died during the journey, and although she waas a little girl, Mary continued walking across the plains, carrying a wooden box filled with Church hymns her father had written. Mary later taught her children to love singing. today her great-great-great- grandchildren love to sing. Those children have connected with Mary and know that she passed down to them her love for the Church and for singing."

Encourage application (coloring): 

Give each child two pieces of paper, one labeled "Me" and the other labeled "My ancestor." Ask them to draw a picture of themselves on the paper labeled "Me." Then invite them to ask their parents at home to tell them about one of their ancestors so they can draw a picture of that ancestor on the other paper


Link idea
  •  Cut up some paper strips with ways family history connects us with our ancestors. Have a child come pick one and explain what it means or how it helps us "become linked" with our ancestors. As you discuss each paper use them to form a paper link chain from a picture of us to a picture of our ancestors. Have the children fill out info about themselves and their ancestors and form their own paper link chain. 
Paper Link Chain Printables (includes word strips to form paper link chain, Picture of a family representing us or find one here, sheet for their own chain. Also Coloring sheet for them to draw a picture of them and then one to take home and learn about ancestor as described in original lesson plan.)

For ancestor pictures look here or here or here or use one of your own photos.

To download png files just click and save pictures...or download the pdf file here.

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  1. Love your ideas!!!! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Once again, you are a life saver! I'm definitely using the paper chain idea!

  3. Thank you! I am using the paper chain idea in my Sharing Time for Sunday. (:

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