Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Scripture Study Journal

I recently did a post on scripture study with your toddler. Many of the ideas listed really helped my family study the scriptures better. Recently I found another idea for my growing toddler. As he is growing out of toddler-hood and becoming more of a little boy. He needs to be challenged to keep learning the scriptures. Sometimes moving on to the actual scriptures can seem difficult or scary coming from some of the little books he was reading. 

An example of a question in this book would be:
"the lord will always protect us and give us a "place of refuge." this is a special place where we feel safe. where is a place you feel happy and safe?" (this is used for 2 Nephi 14: 5-6) 

I really love how this book explains the meaning of complicated words and puts it in a language your child will understand.

Scripture Power book for kids is great for making this jump into the "real" scriptures. My boy is 3 1/2 right now so I still need to study with him but this book has questions and thoughts for each of the scriptures. The questions help one to think about and delve more into the scriptures.

Another book for your growing child is My Witness of Jesus Christ. This book is the next age up and is targeted more towards your youth.

This is written more in journal format and again is wonderfully targeted at youth. It provides a means for them to think deeper about each scripture. 
For example it invites you to ponder the following when reading Jacob 7:
"in verse 5 Jacob says, "I could not be shaken" How do you think Jacob go to a place where his testimony was unshakable? How is your testimony? What can you do to strengthen it. 

Honestly I believe this type of study can not only benefit our youth but adults too. These two book are great resources for studying the scriptures.

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