Monday, December 14, 2015

Creepy Crawly Bug Party

We had a super fun bug party for my 3 year old. We basically kept it pretty simple with a couple of cute buggy touches. He's only three so we didn't have any kids over but had a great party with family.

Bug Party Banner

I made up a cute buggy banner:
download here. (doesn't include characters.)

Bug Party Gift Tags

Bug Party Gift Tags

Added these cute gift tags and printed off some pretty creepy bugs to go along with it.
you can get the editable gift tags here. Search "bug silhouettes" for great bugs to go with it. i used this one and this one.

Creepy Crawly Party Cake

The Cake was the best however. We had the best dirt cake ever with some creepy crawly bugs added on top.
The delicious dirt cake recipe was courtesy of pinterest and tasted simply divine. You can find that recipe here. I took added crushed vanilla oreos to one of the layers to shake it up and i liked how it turned out.
The bugs came from this great idea here! I ended up tracing different bugs so they aren't exactly the same but still loved the way they turned out.

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