Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Toddler FHE Week 1: Service

Put on a puppet show!!!
Get some paper bags or some socks, sticky eyes, glue and each of you make your puppet.
Song: When we're helping
Mosiah 2:17
Help children to memorize or repeat the scripture after you.
Spiritual Thought
Read this story from the friend or watch this video called "the Coat"
Briefly discuss how service was provided and how when we serve others we are serving god.

We started the activity by getting brown paper sacks and drawing our puppets on them. They were nothing special just quick and easy and something our little guy could help with. We just did markers but you could get the googly eyes and pipe cleaners to really make your puppets stand out.:)

Act out with your puppets different service scenarios:
  • Jane dropped her books in the hallway at school. Joey helped her pick them up.
  • Olivia is sad in nursery because she can't find her toy. Luca helps her find it.
  • Grandma can't take care of her lawn and garden. Lisa and Tommy help her weed and mow the lawn.
  • Stephanie has been feeling lonely. Ben and Kasey make her cookies to cheer her up.
  • Mom is tired from cleaning all day. Mikey helps her by cleaning up his toys.
  • Come up with your own service activites.
Our little guy loved the puppets. It was fun to see him acting out different services. At one point his puppet didn't want to share his toy with another puppet and we had to settle for hugs and kisses... :)

We ended the FHE by discussing how we are already serving others and how we could do better. One thing I felt was fairly important is that sometimes we feel like we don't give very much service but we can't forget the ways we serve each other. We took some time to recognize the wonderful service my husband provides to the family by fulfilling his role as a provider and priesthood leader. and how as I fulfill my role as a mother I also am providing a service that no one else can give. As I magnify my calling as a mother I know that I am blessing the lives of my children and husband. I think as we each do the best we can within our homes we will be more prepared to serve outside of our homes. 
We also discussed how the best service you can provide is sometimes the hardest. It takes work to recognize someones real needs.
We then discussed ways we could serve those outside of our home more, Many ideas included the normal ones you may think of: feeding the missionaries, making cookies or food for someone, helping someone with their yard, and helping someone move. Ideas included:
  • Being emotionally available to those that are struggling.
  • Seeking to know what problems and concerns others have.
  • Being genuinely interested in others.
  • Helping out at ward activities and in callings.
  • Reaching out to others and making new friends.
  • Bearing testimony in church or with friends.
  • Sharing the gospel with others
Treat: DIY Peanut Butter Cups

End with Prayer

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