Monday, July 21, 2014

July 2014 Week 4 Sharing Time: I can know the Truth through the Power of the Holy Ghost

July 2014 Week 4: I can know the truth through the Power of the Holy Ghost
IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE(distinguishing truth from error): Write, on separate pieces of paper, some statements that are clearly true and others that are obviously false (such as “The sun is warm,” “Ice is hot,” “Stars shine at night,” and “Fire is cold”).  Invite a child to choose one to read aloud, and ask the children to stand if the statement is true and sit if it is not. Ask, “How do you know?” Repeat with each paper. Explain that another way we can know something is true is through the power of the Holy Ghost. Read Moroni 10:5

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING(reading scriptures): Explain that through the power of the Holy Ghost we can know the truth; we may hear the Spirit’s voice or we may feel Him speak in our minds or hearts. Display pictures of a head (mind), a heart, and an ear. Divide the children into four groups, and invite each group to read one of the following scriptures aloud as a group (see “Choral Readings,” TNGC, 163): D&C 11:13, Helaman 5:45, D&C 8:2, Helaman 5:46–47. As each group reads their scripture, ask everyone to show which pictures go with the scripture by placing their hands on their head, heart, or ears.

Links to Printables for mind, heart, and ears.


  • Share the poem "Help from the Holy Ghost" from the friend.
  • Sorting Truth Rocks from Error Rocks. Write on the rocks the truths and the false statements from above.  Store the false rocks in a normal bag. Keep the truth rocks in something warm. You could wrap them in a hot rice bag or something similar. Have a volunteer come up and blindfold them. Then have them sort the rocks giving a rock to them one by one. Whisper to the volunteer that the ones with truth on them are warm. After they are done sorting them read what is written on each pile of rocks. Ask how the child knew where to put each of the rocks. Explain that the holy ghost teaches us what is true in a similar way.  We may feel warm in our heart. We may hear the spirit whisper to us like the teacher did to the volunteer, or he may also speak to our minds. Continue on with the second part of the activity listed above under Encourage understanding. 
    • You could also adapt this so that one volunteer is in charge of telling the sorter which is true and not and the other children are in charge of distraction.

Printables for mindheart, and ears.


  1. The warm rocks is such a brilliant idea for this illustration, thank you!

  2. What a simple beautiful peaceful way to teach this concept. I love the warm rocks and the whispering to illustrate rather than just telling them about how it works. Awesome! Thank you for sharing.

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