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June 2014 Sharing Time Week 3

Week 3: I can prepare now to be worthy to enter the temple.

Identify the doctrine (singing a song): Ask the children to listen for what their sacred duty is as they sing the first verse of “I Love to See the Temple” (CS, 95). Tell the children that they can prepare now to enter the temple when they are older.
Encourage understanding (discussing worthiness): Show a picture of a temple. Explain that because the temple is a holy place, only those who are worthy can enter. Tell the children that living the standards in For the Strength of Youth will prepare us to be worthy. Write some of the standards on separate wordstrips. Divide the children into groups, and give each group a wordstrip. Have each group stand and explain how living that standard will prepare them to be worthy to enter the temple.
Encourage application (playing a game): On separate pieces of paper, draw pictures of a mouth, eyes, ears, hands, and feet (sample drawings are available here). While the pianist plays “I Love to See the Temple,” have the children pass around the drawings. When the music stops, ask the children holding the pictures to tell one thing they can do with that body part to prepare to go to the temple (for example, they can pray, speak kindly, and tell the truth with their mouths). Repeat as time allows.
Idea: I wanted to keep it pretty simple this week but still be able to demonstrate what we need to know. So basically follow the outline except for: After the children explain how living the standard helps them prepare to be worthy to enter the temple have them come place the word strip on the board creating a staircase to the temple. I would outline the staircase before hand with marker so they or you can easily just place the word strips where they go.  There are 20 total. 18 if you choose not to include sexual purity and dating.

Note: I included "Dating" and "Sexual Purity" on the word strips because they were categories in "The for Strength of Youth".  You may or may not want to include them in your lesson.

Preparation:  Print off Temple and word strip printables below. Cut up word strips. Print off eyes, ears, hands, and feet printables here, Cut up. 
In Primary draw stairs on the board leading up to where you will place the picture of the temple.

Download the pdf file here
Temple and For Strength of youth pdf file

You can also click and save each picture below to download.

Photo Courtesy of Muchmore Photography

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  1. I like your idea of keeping it simple and following the lesson outline as close as possible. Hope it turns out engaging as well as spiritual at the same time:). Thank you for posting your idea!


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