Saturday, April 14, 2012

Do it at Home Box

I am starting to get slightly crafty. :) While preparing to have my first baby I wanted some cute boxes to put the clothes in.  I already had a nice bookshelf and knew a box would be perfect to spice it up. I am planning on using it for clothes but these boxes would be perfect for many different types of decorative storage. I started by gathering up some cardboard boxes from my work. Luckily I was able to find the perfect size for the job. I got extra just in case I would need them. I then started checking out the local fabric stores for the covering. I wanted a pretty thick fabric to give the cardboard box some protection. I found this fabric on sale at Walmart. It was thick and had kind of a plastic feel to it. Jean fabric would work, or burlap. Just something with a little texture to it. I chose this because I also liked the color:

Next I got my box ready. I measured out how much fabric I would need to fit around the box. (On the first box I just folded the flaps down but I cut them off on the second one. That seemed to work much better and gave it a smoother look and more room on the inside.)

Then I wrapped the box like  present. I hot glued the side and started going around. Gluing as I went, paying specific attention to the corners. Then I finished it off by folding over the fabric and sealing that with the glue as well.

The bottom I folded in like a present and glued it down pulling tightly to keep the fabric from puckering. The first one was difficult. I was more successful with the next one.

Then I folded the other side down into the box and glued it to the sides.

 I repeated this five times to fill the bookshelf and make cute shelves. It is pretty simple but the boxes definitely got better as I went.

Then to add the decoration. I just took a regular ribbon and wrapped that around the box. Then I attached a flower. These flowers are pretty easy to make. You can get the fabric at Michael's and then you just glue the colors you want together. I took whatever button was lying around an made that the center.

The best part is that if I change my mind on color it would be really easy to change out the flower or ribbon.

And Wala There you have it. A easy homemade box. :)

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