Friday, February 3, 2012

Boy or Girl?

Well things have calmed down a bit as far as morning sickness goes...although it isn't completely gone. I am starting to show a little at least to myself. :) I'll try posting a picture when I get the other computer.  The remedy for morning sickness is apparently lays potato chips. wouldn't you know. The crazy things we eat when we are pregnant. Anyway so far my hubby and I have decided that we won't be finding out the gender of the baby till the day it arrives. So we just call it baby. Fun Fun Fun baby stuff.
I am super excited to be a little mommy and can't wait. (I know and I'm only 4 month along!)


  1. I think that is super exciting. Surprises are always fun.

  2. Hey you started a blog, Yeah! I hope you like it. I'm hoping to better at posting more often. I find its a great way to keep tabs on those I love, but also a way of keeping track of what goes on in Our crazy life. I'm so excited for you guys and your baby. No matter boy or girl he/she is going to have the best parents--ever! Lay's Potato chips huh! If you've told my mom that she would probably say you were having a boy, since she craved lay's original chips and tuna sandwiches with Kent. With Mason my moring sickness was made lighter with sprite. I drank more carbonation with that pregnancy than I've drunk since I was a freshman in high school. Yeah pregnancy just makes you body do all sorts of crazy things--its great huh?! :) Keep in touch. Tell kwin Hi, love you guys.


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