Thursday, February 9, 2017

2017 Planner for LDS Moms

I was so excited this year to start planning. Instead of new years goals this year I wanted something that would keep me motivated all year long. I decided to make a planner that fit my needs and goals perfectly. I wanted something where I could have a monthly evaluation of my goals, weekly and daily. I've designed the planner to sit down once a month and do a monthly council/ planning, a weekly planning where we do an inventory our relationships and take time to work through problems and recognize the positive in one another, and daily planning where I actually plan to accomplish all the goals. It's still in the perfecting stage and I want to add some yearly planning sheets (still not there yet.) Christmas lists, Birthday parties lists...ect.

What would you like to see in a planner?

Try this planner out this year for free. Simply download and send to print.  I printed mine at home. Front and back. (if you don't have a front and back printer you may need to mess with it a little to make sure it comes out right.) I printed and laminated the cover and back and then I took it to staples to bind it.

Try it out this year by downloading it here:

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