Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March madness decorations 2015

This year for March madness we did a large size bracket. to keep track of the wins. 
We used 4 poster boards and drew the bracket on. printed off some march madness logos, got streamers and balloons. :)

The fun part was the march madness team logos. we printed each logo off for this years team. for pdf file of all 2015 march madness team logos go here. You should be able to print in different sizes by choosing "multiple" in the print menu. and then in custom choose how many per page.  We did 7 high, 3 wide per page. we laminated them and taped them to their spot. we also used this for our two year old. We show him the two teams and he picks the one he likes more and we record his picks. :)

We also have some sweet invites here. They are editable in adobe reader. Click here to purchase.

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