Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 2014 Sharing Time: Week 2

July Sharing time, Week 2: I become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ Through baptism and confirmation

IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (seeing pictures): Pretend to be a reporter. Tell the children, “Welcome to the Good News Network! Today I have the greatest news to report to you—each one of you can become a member of the true Church of Jesus Christ! This is one of the most important things you can do in your life. You become a member of the Church through baptism (show a picture of a child being baptized) and confirmation (show a picture of a child being confirmed).”

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (reading scriptures):  Divide the children into groups and give each group one or more of the following questions and corresponding scripture references. Invite them to imagine what they would say if a reporter asked them these questions. Ask them to find the answers in their scriptures. 

1. Why must I be baptized? (See John 3:5; Acts 2:38.)
2. When am I old enough to be baptized? (See D&C 68:27.)
3. Who can baptize me? (See D&C 20:73.)
4. How should I be baptized? (See D&C 20:74.)
5. What does baptism symbolize? (See Romans 6:3–5.)
6. How do I prepare for baptism? (See Alma 7:15–16; 19:35.)
7. What do I promise at baptism? (See Mosiah 18:10.)
8. What do I promise every Sunday when I take the sacrament and renew my baptismal covenants? (See D&C 20:77.)

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (answering questions): Pretend to interview some of the children. Ask them to report what they learned about how you become a member of the Church.



  • invite the missionaries to talk about baptism and confirmation
  • Show pictures from your baptism and explain what it means
  • Ask the children that were baptized in primary recently to show pictures and talk about their special day...continue on to ask the questions above to help every one understand about baptism.
  • Follow the outline and use props! Get a microphone and a reporter costume. 
Printables for this Week:
You can access theme below by clicking on each individual picture or you can click here to download the pdf file.

Printables include a news reporting sign for the board and questions to hand out to the groups.

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