Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March Madness Logos and Bracket

March Madness team logos

March Madness is here. If you are looking for some fun party decor or just a fun way to include your kids in making a bracket here are a couple of ideas.

March Madness Team Logos

We printed off all the logos and let our son make his picks based on the logos. We tried to include the mascots to make it fun for him. Anyway it worked really well. I just filled out the bracket online while his dad let him choose between the two teams and bring me the winning team.

If you want a copy of the logos I've put them in a power point presentation. We printed them of as a handout 9 to a page.
Powerpoint Logo Link

Print off a Giant (24x36) bracket

Here is an editable pdf file you can fill out your picks and have it printed. You can(and will probably want to change the name...instead of Willis Family March Madness)
Download here

24x36 Scoreboard

If you are looking for a giant score board. Check this one out on etsy!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the freebies!

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Editable PDF Bracket

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