Friday, January 3, 2014

8 Tips if your new to Cloth Diapering

tips for new at cloth diapers

 I got a one size pocket diaper. I got a pack of 20 for like 90 bucks. pretty cheap for cloth diapers...(ebay is the secret there) It came with 40 microfiber inserts. These worked great at first but soon started really stinking no matter what I did. After some research turns out microfiber isn't the best for that reason. Cotton inserts work great, or bamboo...there are others but I'm not sure yet which ones are best. My sister just got a batch with cotton inserts. we'll see how they go. I also don't think the particular one size i got fit a new born very well. Actually they were pretty bulky till he was a good 6 months old. So going back I would probably get more fuzzibuns one sizes cause they run small...or just buy some small diaper covers and use prefolds. Anyway...that's just another kink I still have to work out.
  • Tip 1: Get a wet bag.
    A friend made one for me. I love it. A wet bag is made out of pull fabric. I think she double layered mine. Anyway it is great cause it keeps the smell in and you can take it with you to put the diapers in when your traveling.

    Tip 2: Get a diaper genie...or if you want to go the cheap route a garbage can with a lid to keep the smell in.

    Tip 3: You want to wash your diapers every 3-4 days at the most so you probably won't need more than 20.

    Tip 4: I don't recommend using a wet pail.
    ie just throw your dirty diapers in the diaper genie or garbage can...don't add any type of water solution. (some people like it but not many that I've heard)

    Tip 5: You'll need to strip your diapers ever 3 months or so...Look here for a how to. It's pretty harder than washing.

    Tip 6: use baby powder not rash creams.
    The creams will leave stains on the diapers and make them less absorbent.

    Tip 7: Use a detergent that doesn't have an oil base.
    They have some specifically for diapers but I just go the cheap route and find one at the grocery store without oil.

    Tip 8: Wipes. 
     As far as wipes go. I've experimented a lot... but I just bought some flannel and cut it into squares and sewed around the edges. You can also buy flannel wipes. I just keep them folded by my diaper stuff and when I need one I just go wet it with some water. or keep a water bottle by the wipes and wet it with that. I tried the whole water and stuff with the wipes but didn't like it as much.

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