Friday, December 27, 2013

New Years Resolutions Printables

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New Years Resolution Printables, New Years Prediction Printables, Yearly History Printable.
2014 New years resolutions printables free

This is a great FHE for the new year. Sometime during January we sit down and fill out our New years goals. We generally keep it pretty simple.
Start out with a prayer and song, and share a quote or talk on goals and proper goals setting:
Like this one or this one.
Then we would fill out our goals trying to follow the priciples we just learned.

The New Years Predictions are just fun. We make predictions about what will happen that politics...pregnancies or marriages in our family...price of gas... really just whatever predictions I can think of. some of us are serious others just do crazy ones. I remember doing one about me being in a movie...(yeah right...) the funny part is I ended up randomly being an extra in a movie. Anyway you never know what could happen.

I love doing the Yearly History too. We keep them over the years. It's a rough  summary but at least it is something and it catches all the majorly important events.

Keep all your documents in a safe place where you know where they are.

To Download these please visit my facebook page and click on the "freebies for fans" button.

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