Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Repurposed Bike Tube into Kids Hair Elastics: DIY


We had an old bike tube that had been punctured and gone flat so we decided to do something with it. It is from a road bike so the tube is pretty small. So I looked up some ideas of what I could do with an old bike tube. I love the ideas. I didn't realize that people upcycled old inner tubes and rubber so often. People make elastics, purses, wallets, camera cases...and so on. Anyway I decided to keep it simple for now...expecially since this was the perfect size for those little girl hair elastics that everyone has and always lose right. :)

So it's super simple

Just cut across

rinse out the inner tube with water

After it is dry take your scissors and cut across about as small as you can get it while still keeping the ring together. 

Do this as many times as you want elastics

And there you have it..elastics from an old bicycle tube.

These are super strong too. They don't break as easily as the normal ones.

Life hack repurposed bike tube into kids hair elastics

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