Monday, September 9, 2013

Our Budget Binder

Freebie! To Download Please visit my facebook page and click on Freebies for Fans link.

I finally got the printables ready for this. My husband and I have really been working on organizing our budget right now. We started using this binder and it has been great.

Free Budget Binder Printables

only recently have I come to see the great tool that a budget binder could be. 

These Freebies include:
Checkbook Register
Monthly Budget Sheet
Yearly Budget Sheet
Debt Elimination Calender

The system is pretty simple. I keep the checkbook register in the binder because it is bigger and easier to deal with. I also like having everything in the same place. So after I buy something I'll save the receipt until I get an opportunity to write it down. I also keep the receipts in the binder until I feel I don't need them anymore.

 When keeping a monthly budget we try to be as specific as possible.  We have a general budget that we recycle month to month but each month we go over the budget and make adjustments as necessary.

 We have patterned our budget off of a combination of Dave Ramsey and the lds pamphlet "one for the money".

 We make the same amount each month exactly so it is pretty easy to budget. We decided that we wanted a yearly budget for the things that we don't buy monthly. The way we work this is the month that an expense is due we just put less in savings that month.

 I had to add this as well. This is also from "one for the Money". I think this is a fabulous way to pay off debts and stay motivated to become debt-free.  Here is the example:

 Here is the actual for you would use. If you need a lot of motivation. Hang it up on the wall or fridge so you can see it as you go.

Finances is one of the biggest challenges in a marriage. If one can learn to discuss and deal with finances well it brings much peace into the home. I think this has been great to keep us on the same page and to help us save up money for grad school. We know how much we are going to spend each month and on what. If there is ever anything that comes up during the month we both talk about it together and make adjustments accordingly. It keeps us on track for our goals.

To Download Please visit my facebook page and click on Freebies for Fans link.


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