Friday, May 3, 2013

Top 10 best Youtube Personal Trainers

How I attempt to stay in shape. I workout at home. For me, finding the motivation to put my shoes on is a stretch let alone pack up my kid and take off to the gym. That's why I'm lucky to have so many great personal trainers online. They have quite a few personal trainers that upload videos for free on youtube. Most of them include Nutritional advice. Oh and did I mention that it's free. :)  This is the best for me because while my little boy is napping I can flip on a workout and get going. Many times I even workout while he is awake just playing, then if he gets to needy I either use him as a weight, or take a break. (he loves being mommy's weight and getting to go up and down and up and down).
I find that the best workouts for me are HIIT workouts, (High Intensity Interval workouts), which is why you will notice Zuzkalight is at the top of the list. Everyday I get up and do one of here workouts, Sometimes I look up one of the others on the list but mostly I stick with her.
When I first had my little boy I felt so weak. It was awful. I used to be so strong before getting pregnant and here I was exauhsted after running just a little. I had lost all of my muscle mass during pregnancy. But as I've pushed myself to do at least a 15 minute HIIT workout I have felt myself getting stronger. I love it.
Anyway here is the list of great Personal trainers on youtube:



Brandon Carter

My Frugal Fitness

Melissa Bender


Max Fitness

Insane home Fatloss

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