Thursday, October 25, 2012

Felt Alphabet Lower case

So It is time to start preparing for Christmas. Well actually it is really early for me but I'd thought I'd get  a jump on it because I had a good idea. I wanted to make lowercase letters for my neice. She is learning her letters but most the alphabets you can buy are all uppercase so I went to work trying to figure out what to do. First I thought Crochet because it is kind of my go to, but then I saw this super cute idea somewhere. (don't remember where now) and had to try it. Crazy but I've never really done anything with felt so here it went.

I got 10 peices of felt from walmart. Just paper sized sheets. they were 22 cents each. So pretty cheap. Grabbed some white thread and went to work.

Step 1) Choosing your font.I found a font I liked on the computer. something round and spelt out the alphabet. I changed the font so that I fit 2-3 letters on each page horizontally. (depending on the letters). Print.

Step 2) Cutting out the letters. First I cut out the paper letters, then traced them with a permanent marker onto the felt. for each letter i did one forward and then reversed. ( for the front and the back of the letter). Then I cut the letters out of the felt putting the sides with the marker together.

Step 3) Stitch it up. This was pretty easy although a little time consuming. I tried the sewing machine first but it took way to long. Maybe some would do well this way. Second I tried sewing them up by hand by just looping around the outside.

Step 4) Stuffing. I left a little area to add stuffing before finishing it. I used a pen to get it all the way in and around where it needed to be. Then finished stitching it.

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