Saturday, April 28, 2012

Door Hanging Decor

So I was looking on pinterest one day and found a really cute letter. So of course I wanted to make one for myself. It is pretty simple.

Step 1: Draw or sketch whichever letter you want onto cardboard. (or print off the letter and tape it onto the cardboard.) I just used an old cardboard box I had lying around and made the W look how I wanted it.
Step 2: Cut it out.
Step 3:  Pick out the color yarn that you like.
Step 4: Start Wrapping. I really like the look of the vertical lines, so I started wrapping horizontally. This is largley going to depend on the letter that you choose as to which looks better. Just take a little hot glue and glue the end of the yarn to the cardboard at one end then wrap evenly around until you have covered the whole letter.
Step 5: Wrap the other way. I could still see cardboard so i went back and wrapped again the other way. Vertically this time.  I did the two edges first and then finished up with the middle. I used the hot glue in places that had too sharp of an angle to stay wrapped very well.
Step 6: Decorate it. I picked some ribbon that I liked and hot glued that to the back and tied the bow together on top. Also the Bow on the W I glued on as well.
Step 7: Hang and enjoy!

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